This Picture Of A Smiling Rescue Dog Was All The Evidence The Police Needed

2. One Last Kennel

Luckily for that one rescue dog, Kristina Rinaldi, Detroit Dog Rescue’s executive director, happened to be on site. She saw his sad face, and it broke her heart. Every one of the volunteers agreed they had to help him, because he so deserved a chance.

Without even trying, he’d won them over. The problem was, there already wasn’t any space left in the van. So Rinaldi took matters into her own hands. She put the dog in her car and drove off. A simple move that would lead to an insane chain of events that no one could have expected.

rescue dog pit bull

3. New Name

What the volunteers of the Detroit Dog Rescue didn’t bet on when they picked up this sad pup was just how much they’d get attached to him. As he slowly came out of his shell, they soon discovered that he had a personality unlike any other dog.

As they learned more about this dog, they found he had some quirks. They called him Sir Wiggleton because of the silly dance he would do when he got excited, wiggling his rump to and fro. And they had to find a way to help him.


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