Woman Adopts Tiny Little Dog But Is Baffled At What It Grows Up To Be

Yumna and Tydus the Dog - alaskan malamute

Yumna Saloojee, a South African woman, couldn’t wait to adopt a pet. When she set her eyes on the most adorable little Alaskan malamute dog, she knew he was the one and couldn’t wait to bring him home. She always wanted a furry companion to call her very own best friend and was excited at the prospect of providing a loving home for a special little puppy. After a few months, Yumna started noticing a drastic transformation in her beautiful pooch, which left her totally baffled. Read here to find out what Yumna discovered after deciding to adopt her malamute puppy.

1. Choosing To Adopt a Pet

Usually, one of the biggest factors people take into account when choosing to adopt a pet is the size of the animal. In 2014, Yumna Saloojee from South Africa knew she wanted to adopt a dog, but size wasn’t something she really pondered over…not until something quite interesting and unexpected happened. She would have been happy with just about any kind of dog!

Big pets are fun to have around, but come with slightly more challenges and responsibilities. They require significantly more space and can be hard to handle at times. Small pets, on the other hand, are more convenient and easier to groom for the most part. Nevertheless, some people just want more to hug and cuddle with, so a bigger dog seems fun. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice depending on what you are looking for in an animal. For one woman in particular, she had her eyes set on a cute little puppy.


Yumna Saloojee - alaskan malamute Adopt a Pet