Woman Adopts Tiny Little Dog But Is Baffled At What It Grows Up To Be

2. A New Furry Friend

Yumna had made the decision that it was time to finally make her dream come true, take the leap, and adopt a pet. She had been dreaming about it for quite a while and had her heart set on getting a puppy, because all she ever wanted was a furry best friend by her side all the time. Not only that, she finally felt ready to take on the responsibility of looking after a pooch companion. So out she went to find the dog of her dreams.

It did not take too much searching before she stumbled across her soon-to-be best friend: an irresistible little ball of fluff that was an Alaskan malamute. The dog was just a little furball at the time and it was impossible to imagine how much the puppy would grow. Nonetheless, Yumna had met the pup of her dreams, and realized that her life was going to change for good – in more ways than she expected.


Yumna and Tydus the Dog - alaskan malamute Adopt a Pet